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Chances are the “sex talk” you got from dad was terrible….if you got one at all. And the locker room is definitely no fountain of truth when it comes to women. So how do you know what a woman really wants in bed?

Orgasms are GREAT….unless you can’t climax….then they are just a frustrating, discouraging source of heart-ache. But, the good news is: Anorgasmia (the inability to orgasm/climax), is VERY treatable.

It depends… Are you willing to do the work necessary to fix a marriage after an affair? The percentage of marriages that survive infidelity varies, but in our experience, if a couple is willing to do the work – The marriage can be saved.

Do you know what it feels like when you have anxiety? Probably so. But do you know why you feel anxiety symptoms or what to do to help your anxiousness? You will after you read this article!

EMDR is an approach to therapy that has become popular in recent years thanks to the research showing it can be very effective in treating trauma / PTSD.

God created sex to be this amazing thing you long for and enjoy with passion! – But, that’s not always the message we get from church…

Why do women lose their sexual desire? More importantly: What can you do about low sexual desire? In this article, we take a look at the ways female sexual desire is different than male sex drive. If we don’t understand how wives are unique, our attempts at understanding the loss of libido will be…well…frustrated.

Welcome to another episode of #MyCounselorLIVE "Emotionally Abusive Mothers, Porn, & Sex Trafficking" that delves into the heart of sensitive and challenging topics. In this conversation, we had the honor of hosting Licensed Counselor and Christian Sex Therapist, Josh Spurlock, who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to three critical discussions that affect individuals, couples, and families.

Welcome to a candid and enlightening episode of #MyCounselorLIVE! In this installment "Sexual Trauma, Erectile Dysfunction, & Vaginismus", we had the privilege of sitting down with Licensed Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist, Josh Spurlock, to delve into a collection of topics that touch upon the deeply personal and often stigmatized aspects of human sexuality and mental well-being.

Rebecca says, “I feel weak after every orgasm. Do I have POIS? What can I do about that?”

Taunya says, “My friend is not sexually attracted to her husband, but wants a godly marriage. It doesn’t help that her husband has ED, on top of weight loss issues.”

Sex therapy helps individuals and couples enhance sexual fulfillment and/or resolve sexual conflicts and problems. Solutions can vary from simple education to more extensive counseling around complex or longstanding issues. Strategies are tailored to the goals of the individual or couples seeking help.