Discover how the Church can integrate faith and science to lead in mental and relational health, offering holistic healing and community support.
The Christian church, with its extensive global network and presence in nearly every community, holds a unique position to significantly impact mental health care.
Discover why most discipleship structures fail to bring about lasting changing and how to engage a whole-brained discipleship process that can.
Understand the grace of God as fundamentally relational, rooted in both divine and human interactions.
Mutual accountability is central to the process of discipleship and underscores the importance of community in Christian life.
Jesus' approach with His disciples underscores the effectiveness and necessity of close, personal relationships in fostering spiritual growth and maturity.
Transparency and Vulnerability is fundamental in fostering deep, transformative relationships within the Christian community.
Learn the critical role that more mature believers play in the spiritual development of newer or younger Christians through mentoring and modeling behaviors.
Continuous Learning emphasizes the notion that discipleship is an ongoing, lifelong journey study of Scripture, spiritual disciplines, and community life...
Service and Mission emphasizes that discipleship should not only focus on personal spiritual growth but also extend outward in acts of service that impact the wider community.