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Discover how large churches like CCV & Southeast Christian are revolutionizing support for mental health and marriages with MyCounselor.Online.

One strategy of NICC is the innovative use of guided imagery techniques, specifically tailored to foster a profound connection with Jesus Christ.

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Written for Teens: Explore practical tips for coping with the complex grief following a friend's suicide. Find support and healing strategies.

Learn how Neuroscience Informed Christian Counseling® (NICC) applies biblical wisdom and modern neuroscience to understand "the flesh" and sanctification.

Explore how Neuroscience Informed Christian Counseling understands Internal Working Models and Character Structure for spiritual growth.

Discover how NICC integrates spirituality and psychology to foster thriving through the understanding of Core Self and Constructed Self.

Discover how challenges can foster resilience, wisdom, and growth. Learn practical tips for thriving through life's tough times.

Learn how to support a friend through emotional pain, fostering their journey towards healing, resilience, and growth. Be the ally they need.

Learn how to be a first responder for friends in crisis. Offer emotional stability and guide them towards healing with our compassionate tips.

Discover how to process and metabolize life’s painful experiences, transforming them into resilience, wisdom, and growth. Learn the steps to healing.