One strategy of NICC is the innovative use of guided imagery techniques, specifically tailored to foster a profound connection with Jesus Christ.
Learn how Neuroscience Informed Christian Counseling® (NICC) applies biblical wisdom and modern neuroscience to understand "the flesh" and sanctification.
Explore how Neuroscience Informed Christian Counseling understands Internal Working Models and Character Structure for spiritual growth.
Discover how NICC integrates spirituality and psychology to foster thriving through the understanding of Core Self and Constructed Self.
Explore how adversity fuels growth, resilience, and wisdom through an interdisciplinary lens, blending psychology, spirituality, and neuroscience.
Discover how Delighting and BrainSync foster joyful identities and secure attachments. Embrace the power of positive connections.
Explore how BrainSync (limbic resonance) is foundational for empathy and connections. Learn the secret behind deep emotional bonds.
The explicit integration of participants' goals with the therapeutic process is an essential aspect of effective counseling, both for individuals and couples.
Explore how Neuroscience Informed Christian Counseling (NICC) offers a transformative approach to overcoming guilt and shame, integrating psychological insights with spiritual truths for deep healing.
Discover how NICC blends psychology, neuroscience, and Christian faith to offer deep healing in marriage counseling.