Discipleship Skills 101 | Skills Matter

The skills matter. We know it. Anyone who has had the displeasure of sitting through a painful sermon silently begging the preacher to put us all out of our misery and get to the conclusion already, knows it. It’s not because we don’t love Jesus or the … Read Full Article


Why Did We Have These Children?

Why did we have these children? (And why did God have children?) Created for Relationship With God In Genesis, God created people. He didn't need to create us because of something lacking in himself or because something was missing in his life. He desired … Read Full Article


What is Discipleship?

The Great Commission Go into all the nations and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and teaching them all I shown you. One sentence that encapsulates the most greatest task given to mankind in human history. … Read Full Article


3 Steps to Effective Discipleship | Step 3

Step 3: Develop Discipleship Skills After you are engaging a discipleship process of your own, and have taken responsibility to develop discipling relationships in your life, be intentional about learning how to best facilitate discipleship. The Bible … Read Full Article


3 Steps to Effective Discipleship | Step 2

 Step 2: Accept the responsibility Every mature believer has three (3) kinds of relationships in his or her life. Mentor/discipler – these are the people you look to for wise counsel and whom you seek to emulate in their faith walk. Think Barnabas and … Read Full Article


3 Steps to Effective Discipleship | Step 1

Disciplers are disciples engaging in Jesus’ command to make disciples (AKA The Great Commission). Step 1: Be a Disciple You cannot lead where you have not gone. The mantra of an effective disciple is “follow me as I follow Christ”. Being a devoted follower … Read Full Article


How to Use Greek and Hebrew in Blog Posts

How to Use Greek and Hebrew in Blog Posts by Phil Gons on April 19, 2010 in Technology This article first appeared on If you use Greek and Hebrew in your blog posts, here’s a tip that will help you make it look good and give you the ability … Read Full Article


The Best Investment Ever: Wisdom

We spend years in the classroom and thousands of dollars preparing for a vocation. How much time and money do we invest in learning how to do life and relationships well? Since early history learners have paid teachers to share with them the wisdom they … Read Full Article


A Rare Breed of Woman

Women are meant to be bold and powerful beings. Expressing their beauty passionately as they lead humbly. Revealing their creators zeal for life with an enthusiasm that empowers others to live fully. Embodying a confidence that comes from deep within and … Read Full Article


Daddy Has A Job To Do

Your daddy has a job to do and I accept it permanently with all the joys and pains, sorrows and celebrations it comes with. It's an important job that is one of the highest honors of my life to be entrusted with. My job is to love you. To love you like our … Read Full Article