Discover key advice for newlyweds to ensure a loving and enjoyable first night together, focusing on mutual respect, foreplay, and open communication.
Explore how pastors can offer nuanced support for sexual difficulties in marriage, recognizing the complexity of issues beyond theological solutions.
Explore how avoidant attachment influences casual sex, pornography, and the journey towards intimacy.
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Sexual problems are pretty common - but they don't have to take the sizzle out of the bedroom. Physical intimacy issues or disorders...
In this article you’ll find a list of free sex therapy resources often recommended by Christian Sex therapists. Not every couples needs sex therapy. Sometimes connecting with a good self-help resources is all you need to get things back on track.
Sex is an emotional experience. God designed sexual desire to lead a woman into an emotionally intimate relationship and to enjoy sexual expression in the context of an emotionally safe and connected relationship- i.e. Marriage.
Tamyiah says, “I’m having difficulty having an orgasm and I don’t know how to talk to my husband about that, about foreplay, or just about having a better sex life in general.”
Why is sex so important to my husband? In 4 out of 5 marriages men have the higher sex drive and are the primary initiator of sexual experiences. If you are in one of these marriages this comes as no surprise to you. It may seem like your husband is constantly wanting sex and acts like a wounded puppy dog if you're not in the mood.
Chances are the “sex talk” you got from dad was terrible….if you got one at all. And the locker room is definitely no fountain of truth when it comes to women. So how do you know what a woman really wants in bed?