Being a dad means showing your kids that the avenues of success rarely run through Hollywood, rapping, or sports.

Harry H. Harrison, 1001 Things It Means to Be a Dad

Sometimes it’s a fine line between crushing a kiddos dreams and teaching them to think realistic. It’s popular to say to kids “You can be anything you want.”, but the truth is Shaquille O’neal never had a shot at being a horse jockey. We have to encourage our kids to dream big and be careful that we don’t limit their horizon to our own vision. That being said, we also need to help them think realistically about the world. The emphasis, in every case, should be this “You can be exactly what God created you to be.” At the end of the day being who and what God created you to be is the chief aim in life. It’s not necessary to be capable of anything. You are capable of the only thing that matters.


  1. Andrew Reginald Mazade says

    really great article i agree completely as a father to be i just want my child to know god and know he is loved

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